Our tumblers benefit from our high-energy atmosphere that encourages freedom of expression while building self-confidence and poise through performance and a passion for the arts. Our tumbling program teaches kids tumbling skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

Whether your child wants to be a competitive gymnast or they want to learn how to flip, we have a program they will enjoy. Give your child the opportunity to learn tumbling while they gain balance, coordination, strength, self-esteem, and have FUN!







Tumbling | Beginner (Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:20pm)

For the brand new tumbler! Explore the fundamentals of tumbling, focusing on forward and backward roll, bridge, handstand and cartwheel. 50 minute class for ages 4 & up with no prior tumbling experience required. 


Tumbling | Novice (Thursdays 5:30pm - 6:20pm)

Class is for the tumbler who has experience and needs to be challenged physically as they are ready to learn skills that are more advanced. Focusing on backward roll to pike stand, handstand to forward roll, bridge kick over (feet elevated), handstand bridge, and standing round-off.

*Prerequisites – forward and backward roll, bridge, handstand, cartwheel. 50 minute class for ages 4 & up with no prior tumbling experience required. 


Classes run from January - May

$55/month Members  $65/month Non-Members